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Tolm is an award winning creative animation and motion design studio

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We turn challenging inputs into easily understandable, visually compelling stories that match our clients' values. In these tales the character takes the center stage.

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We are a team of experienced motion designers and animators with great passion towards storytelling Рthe oldest form of passing on information. We listen when you speak, we ask questions when we need more information and we talk when we have come up with the solution.

We cover the entire creative process from the very first idea to final delivery, making your brand highly visible and attractive while keeping a strong focus on design and storytelling. We have some pretty neat awards, including ADC*Europe Gold, to show for that.

We love working closely together with management, marketing departments, advertising and design agencies, TV channels or start-ups.

If your story needs telling, no matter what the format or medium, contact us today.

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Playing around with different solutions to come up with the best formula. Occasionally with unexpected results.

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Shapes or characters moving around. Sometimes walking, sometimes running. But always with a purpose.

Clients & Partners We've Had a Pleasure Working With

  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Vaillant
  • Nokia
  • Cybernetica
  • Kalev
  • ERR
  • Neste Oil
  • ISA

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