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Astra Explainer

School is fun if done correctly. Learning is not just about memorizing stuff and then slowly forgetting it once you get older. It’s about knowing the connections between history and physics, arts and math. Studying should be more about knowing why some things used to happen or why they just happen, not just when. This feeds the imagination, makes studying fun.
Meet Astra. It makes learning interesting and school bags light.
To find out exactly how it works, check out the explainer we have prepared for you.

  • Client
  • Producer
    Raino Mardo
  • Director
    Madis Epler
  • Copywriter
    Laura Noodapera
  • Design
    Madis Epler
  • Animation
    Madis Epler, Ingel Martin
  • Voice Over Recording & Sound Design
    Quartal Studio