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Tallinn Love Story

How many people have you fallen in love with in your life? When you come to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, then you’ll probably fall in love with half a million. The city will woo you with it’s medieval charm while still being modern. It’s a small city with a long coastline and there’s always something happening. If you want to know more then watch this film we put together with designers Jan Tomson and Indrek Sirkel and Evelin Tsirk from Tallinn City Council.

  • Client
    Tallinn City Council
  • Agency
    Sirkel & Tomson
  • Director
    Ingel Martin
  • Producer
    Raino Mardo
  • Copywriter
    Jim Ashilevi
  • Art Director
    Jan Tomson
  • Designers
    Jan Tomson, Ingel Martin
  • Editor
    Ingel Martin
  • Animation
    Ingel Martin, Joosep Volk
  • Music
    Tintura "Kadhja"
  • Voice Over Recording
    Ajar Stuudiod