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Bondora Superhero

We had such a pleasure bringing Bondora to life in this 3d animated commercial for the peer-to-peer investment platform with the same name. Many thanks to the client for the opportunity, to the agency for the idea and character backstory. And to many artists who helped us on bringing such a big project to life.

We were involved straight from the beginning with the agency coming to us with the concept of Bondora – a clever (on a genius level) quick-witted character who loves new technology, who likes tinkering with anything that ticks, goes fast or has potential to be a world-changer. She is a female version of Tony Stark and sometimes her quick wit can get her into sticky situations. But never is she in trouble, there’s always a way out.

To pull off such a big project we put together a team that contained a rigging maestro Daniel Lima, character modeler Eryn Granat, character animator Ala’a Hanish, shading specialist Jüri Unt, render artist Siim West, musician and sound designer Eero Muiste and many others. We had to produce the spot in three languages and many more to be added in the next phase.

TOLM likes to thank each member of the team for their effort!

  • Client
  • Produced, Designed & Directed
  • Agency
  • Agency Creative Director:
    Joel Volkov
  • Agency Project Manager:
    Veronika Pekurina
  • Agency Copywriter
    Marko Matvei
  • Animation Supervisor
    Maido Hollo
  • Storyboard & Animatic
    Madis Epler
  • Concept Design
    Edgar Juhkov, Kärt Koosapoeg
  • Character Design
    Maido Hollo
  • Rigging
    Daniel Lima
  • Character Modelling
    Eryn Granat
  • Modelling
    Jose Manuel Linares López, Jüri Unt, Mark Duubas, Madis Epler
  • 3d Animation
    Ala'a Hanish. Luis Trebino
  • Graphic Design
    Kärt Koosapoeg
  • Hair Artist
    Jeordanis Figuereo
  • Texturing & Shading
    Jüri Unt, Siim West
  • Scene Setup, Lighting & Rendering
    Siim West
  • Compositing
    Joosep Volk
  • Film Producrion
    Johannes Arro
  • Additional Clean-Up & Tracking
    Vahur Kuusk
  • Recording Studio
    Christian Schneider / Dynamic Audio Berlin, Gert Hatchukov / Orbital Vox
  • Music & Sound Design
    Eero Muiste