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E-Residency Explainer

E-Residency is a new digital nation for global citizens, powered by the Republic of Estonia. A government-issued digital ID provides the freedom to easily start and run a global business in a trusted European Union environment.

We produced 3 separate animations explaining what e-Residency is, the steps needed to successfully apply and the solutions it offers.

  • Client
  • Agency
  • Director
    Joosep Volk
  • Producer
    Raino Mardo
  • Copywriter
    Scott Diel
  • Design
    Joosep Volk, Ingel Martin, Valeria Skabardis
  • Animation
    Joosep Volk, Ingel Martin, Karri Kaljend, Madis Epler, Maido Hollo
  • Original Music & Sound Design
    Eero Muiste


  • Estonian Design Awards 2017