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Free Movement of Data in Europe

Most of us don’t realize that with every step we make in the internet, we generate data. By googling something or by using (or even just carrying around) one’s smartphone. This data is owned and used by a few big corporations. But should it be like that? Maybe we should think about how everyone can benefit from the data we all create.

This year it’s the first time for Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. One of the country’s priorities is to raise the discussion about free movement of data, it’s positive influence on technological advancement and designing better services for EU citizens.

  • Client
    RIA / Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications
  • Producer
    Raino Mardo
  • Director
    Ingel Martin
  • Copywriter
    Laura Noodapera
  • Design
    Ingel Martin, Karri Kaljend, Katariin Mudist
  • Character Design
    Madis Epler
  • Animation
    Maido Hollo, Karri Kaljend, Madis Epler, Ingel Martin
  • Voice Over Recording & SFX
    Ajar Stuudiod
  • Music
    Timo Petmanson /