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Pakri Tesla Gigafactory Pitch

Elon Musk, we’ve joined the race! PAKRI Smart Industrial City welcomes the Tesla Gigafactory. The smartest location for industrial companies in the heart of Northern Europe.
We were approached by PAKRI Smart Industrial City to help create a campaign for their Tesla Gigafactory pitch. We teamed up with a design studio AKU, our go-to copy-writer Scott Diel and media & PR expert Daniel Vaarik to put together a well-worded and straight to the point 60-second elevator pitch delivering all the unique advantages that Estonia has to offer. We’re fast and we like to do our business digital, Elon Musk can become an e-resident and sign board meeting documents from where-ever he is. And we’ve legalized self-driving cars! It’s a no-brainer if you ask us!

For more information on the campaign, visit:

  • Client
    PAKRI Smart Industrial City
  • Copywriter
    Scott Diel
  • PR Consultant
    Daniel Vaarik
  • Design Consultant
    Alari Orav /AKU
  • Director
    Joosep Volk
  • Producer
    Raino Mardo
  • Design
    Joosep Volk
  • Animation
    Joosep Volk, Ingel Martin
  • Sound Design
    Horret Kuus / B6 Studios
  • Voice Over Recording
    Christian Schneider / Dynamic Audio