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How to explain something that everybody uses in their everyday lives in Estonia without even knowing it? The system that is technologically challenging to understand but makes our life so much easier? Please meet the X-Road by Cybernetica – the company behind the backbone of Estonian Government.

We were asked to create an easily understandable explainer how this backbone works and why it is so great. We discovered the similarities between Lego pieces that are know to everyone and the idea behind X-Road and delivered the story using this analogue.

Please meet The X-Road explainer – saving the state and public offices time and money so they can concentrate on their main functions, and you can sit back and live your life!

*The content of the video does not represent the current product description or features of X-Road. The current developer of X-Road is the Nordic Institute for Interoperability Solutions (NIIS). X-Road is a registered trademark of Riigi Infosüsteemi Amet (RIA) used under license.

  • Client
  • Producer
    Martin Rääk
  • Copywriter
    Laura Noodapera
  • Director
    Joosep Volk
  • Illustrations
    Joosep Volk, Ingel Martin
  • Animation
    Joosep Volk, Ingel Martin
  • Sound Design
    Ajar Studios


  • ADC*E Awards 2015 GOLD
  • Estonian Design Awards 2014 GOLD